Huzzah for posting in one month intervals! It’s been a pretty slow month. I’m slowly working on Gleam and learning lots of cool things about Direct3D 11.

I’ve been looking into learning some automotive skills. For those that know me, I’ve caught the “motorcycle bug”, which has gotten me enthusiastic about learning about internal combustion engines and how cars work. Although I am at a large loss at where to start. Programming, to me at least, had such a clear cut point of entry. When it comes to engine building and cars, I’m confused at where to begin. I’ve been picking up some books and reading some general overview, but I’m really just looking for small kits I can put together and see working. I’ve been told that getting beater cars, reading their manuals, and attempting to keep them running is a good way to start. I’ll probably be looking into that in the coming weeks as I get closer to finishing school (Only 7 weeks left! WHOOO!).

Maybe it’s just me and my lack of good Google search terms, but I feel like getting into automotive is going to be significantly harder than it was for me to get into programming. It’s probably because I’m having a hard time finding a good starting point and the lack of being able to find small scale engine kits or something. In the end, probably just going to try and find a cheap ass car from eBay or something and just get down and dirty (and probably break stuff). Just do what I did with Project Mercury. Trial by fire baby!