No pictures or video yet, but shader support is complete and I have a working camera that you can move around the world! I have some basic shapes that I’m generating in code as test cases right now. I had to go around the code base a bit and make abstract interfaces for some of my classes, since it was possible that they could be compiled into different versions depending on whether you were compiling for Direct3D or OpenGL. This way you’ll be able to make DLLs.

Went for a third session with Eric Waunch. Had an awesome time tearing up some trails. I got a recommendation for a bike to get. A Honda CRF250X. Only one problem. I’ve checked online at all the dealerships in my area and nobody is selling CRF250Xs. Lots of CRF250Fs and CRF250Rs, but not Xs. “Why is this so important?”, you might ask. The answer is, I need a bike that makes less noise than a race bike. I’m potentially riding in areas that are sensitive to having a lot of noise and I need to keep that down.

That’s it for this month! Gleam is slowly, but surely coming together. Hopefully I’ll have some cool stuff to show next time I post!

EDIT: Well, it would appear that I am an idiot. The reason the CRF250X wasn’t showing up was because all the lists were showing 2014 models. Had to change the filter to show 2013 models. :Þ