Over this past week, I have migrated everything I was hosting onto my own server at home. I bought myself a Mini/Book sized PC and a 4GB stick of RAM and used my old 320GB hard drive. I installed Debian and am using Lighttpd as my webserver. Not the most powerful machine ever, but it is suiting my needs and I don’t get that much traffic anyways. I spent about three days setting it up. One day setting up a test VM in VMware Player, and two days once I got the actual parts in.

I will say, it’s been a lot of fun setting up a Linux server. Time consuming, but fun. Being only somewhat familiar with Linux and it’s workings, it was a fantastic exercise. Today I set up a Node.js environment with Express.js. Currently working on getting MariaDB, MongoDB, and Redis up and running. Why both MariaDB and MongoDB? Why not just one or the other? Well, I’m not quite at a stage to talk about that yet, but maybe sometime in the future. For now, I’m using MariaDB to store sensitive data, while MongoDB stores less sensitive data. Redis is going to be for managing sessions.

All this is a fun distraction that I hope I’ll make something decent out of in the future. For now, I really need to get my focus back on Gleam and Gaff and get those in a near final state so I can start rebuilding my game engine.

That’s all for now. At least I’m keeping up with my once a month thing I have going on. Which is purely coincidental.

Parts I bought: