Hello all! I didn’t quite meet my one post every month quota this time. :(But I am here to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

Not as much to talk about as I’d like, but I’ve made quite a bit of progress on Gaff and Gleam. I cleaned up the codebase a bit and added some cool new classes by using typename aliases and variadic templates.

Not sure if I mentioned, but I kind of changed the scope of Gleam a little bit. In regard to that scope change, I feel that Gleam is very much close to completion. What I want to do now is start to roll the foundation I’ve built with Gaff and Gleam into Shibboleth and start actually developing the engine.

I’ve been looking at Ultimate++ to build my tools on. I’ve gotten it up and running and compiling with VS2013 using their nightly build. I probably won’t be doing tool development for a while, but the UI library I choose is important. One of my main reasons for choosing Ultimate++ is because it uses the BSD license, which should play nicely with the MIT license I use for my codebase.

Another thing I accomplished since last post was setting up a continuous integration server. I set up Jenkins on my server. It currently only polls Gaff for changes and then compiles them, but once I set it up with Gleam and Shibboleth, all of my projects will be built every night (assuming there are changes) on my Debian box.

Speaking of Linux, I spent a bit of time updating the makefiles for Gaff and it is now compiling and running latest code on Linux. I haven’t quite updated the Xcode project to latest code yet, but in theory, it should work on Mac too.

I now am in more need of having an actual Linux install on my desktop. Gleam is at the point where my VM won’t suffice for testing anymore, as I need features from OpenGL 4. While I detest Ubuntu, it is unfortunately the most popular distro, and the most likely running case. I also haven’t really found a desktop Linux distro that I actually like. So I figure I’ll probably just use the lowest common denominator. Which also means I’ll probably get a legitimate SteamOS install when that is released.

I think that’s all the news from the development front. In non-coding news, I’ve been streaming my first play through of Thief: Gold on my Twitch.tv channel. Haven’t had any watchers yet, so it’s mostly just me thinking out loud and rambling about what I know about the game, but I like to get into the habit of streaming things I enjoy. I’ve been teasing the idea of streaming the F.E.A.R. series in reverse order. I most definitely, at some point, want to stream a play through of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. I’ve played through that game 2.5 times and am quite familiar with it, so it will probably be more enjoyable to first time viewers. I’d like to do a challenge run by playing as a Nosferatu. I usually stream on Saturdays for a couple hours when I’m not busy. Stop by and say hi. :)

I think that’s all the post worthy news that’s happened so far. Until next time!