It’s been a few months without any updates from me. Fear not, I have still been working on Shibboleth. Most of my work has been updates to supporting libraries more than actual engine work though. To name a few, I added schema validation to my JSON class, restructured my job pool system, and started adding in the actual graphics pipeline to the engine.

I’m having to do a bit of a refactor on my graphics multithreading. Command lists don’t work exactly the way I had expected them to. I currently have a command list generated per object I am rendering. This strategy turned out to not actually work in practice. I am currently working on restructuring this so that I generate a command list per camera/light that I draw.

I did a bit of research on documentation systems. Currently Gaff is the only library that is documented using Doxygen. I personally do not like having my header files artificially bloated with documentation comments on every function. I am considering replacing it with MkDocs. This will allow me to keep the source files clean and make some better organized documentation, in my opinion. I personally prefer the ability to see as much of the API on one page as possible when viewing headers. I’ve seen some libraries have full Doxygen commented headers and I find it rather annoying to scroll through pages of comments  for APIs that consist of five functions.

So … yeah. Just wanted to get a post up to show I’m still alive. Until next time.