First off, I’ve begun doing a major refactor of Shibboleth. I’ve currently replaced all of my containers in Gaff with those from EASTL. I have also begun re-writing the reflection system. Hopefully this re-write will come with better functionality and simpler implementation. I have started this work in a branch, so the original code is still about if anyone is curious to run a functional, but broken version of the engine.

My other, primary focus has been a game project I’m codenaming Adrenaline. I’ve been working on it off and on. I switch off every so often from this to Shibboleth. My core mechanics are similar to Hotline Miami. Fast paced movement with mostly single hit kills. After every kill, the player character moves and attacks a little faster. I’m currently prototyping in the Godot Engine. I aim to have melee combat finished and at least one ranged weapon type in the prototype. I’ve been making GIFs of the game as I progress. Here’s the first few I’ve made.

Thanks for reading and I hope to continue updating this blog with my progress on Adrenaline!