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Blast from the Past: Overlord

Blast from the Past Overlord by Triumph Studios It’s been a while, but I am finally adding some stuff to the “Blast from the Past segment of my blog! While Overlord was released only a few years ago, it’s not exactly new, right? Anyhow, the entire premise of Overlord is that you are the recently resurrected, well, overlord. You have been dormant for several years when a band of heroes locked you away.
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Blast from the Past: Shogo – Mobile Armor Division

Blast from the Past Shogo: Mobile Armor Division by Monolith Productions I am introducing a new segment to my blog titled “Blast from the Past.” To be honest, I really couldn’t think of a better name, but it works. The name/article relation is that these segments will be talking about older games, either revered classics or games that time has left behind. Sometimes it’s good to reflect back on our gaming roots, and other times we can sit and wonder “Why don’t they make games like that anymore?
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