Ported to Hugo

In the process of upgrading to WordPress 4.5, WordPress broke itself. So I took this as an opportunity to port my blog over to Hugo. The only downside is that I no longer have comments. Not that anyone reads this or comments on anything I post anyways, so no big loss there. If anyone wants to comment on anything, you can just message me on Twitter. Since the entire site is now a static website, everything should load faster.

Slow Post Rate

I’ve been very slow to actually post new content to the blog, but fear not, while I may be super slow, I do not plan on abandoning the site! Some things I plan on doing … eventually: Post more about Shibboleth’s architecture. Convert blog from WordPress to a static site using Hugo! Need to figure out what solution to use for comments. So, essentially the posts become static content and the comments are dynamic.

Wow … My Bad

Been way too long since I actually posted anything here. I swear I’m not dead and I’m still working on Shibboleth! I’ve been re-factoring my graphics integration for Shibboleth, so I haven’t had much to say. I’m also working on something that I’m not quite ready to share yet, but hopefully sometime soon! Just a quick post to let the one or two people who actually read this know that I’m not dead!

Blowing Off Steam

Missed my one post a month quota by a little bit here, but better late than never I guess. Things have been going pretty slow these last few weeks. I’ve been taking a little bit of a break from developing Shibboleth to relax and release some stress. I’ve recently just played through a couple of Daedalic Entertainment‘s point-and-click adventure games set in The Dark Eye universe. These games would be The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav and Memoria.

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello all! I didn’t quite meet my one post every month quota this time. But I am here to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! Not as much to talk about as I’d like, but I’ve made quite a bit of progress on Gaff and Gleam. I cleaned up the codebase a bit and added some cool new classes by using typename aliases and variadic templates. Not sure if I mentioned, but I kind of changed the scope of Gleam a little bit.

Baby Steps

A new post in less than a month!? Whaaaaaaaaaat!?!?!? Every once in a while I browse the forums on Gamedev.net and the #gamdev channel on IRC. Rarely do I actually join the conversation. Usually it’s because by the time I get to a particular conversation, someone has already answered the question and I have nothing to add, or someone has answered it and I don’t fully agree, but don’t feel the effort to explain my disagreement is really worth the effort.

New Server

Over this past week, I have migrated everything I was hosting onto my own server at home. I bought myself a Mini/Book sized PC and a 4GB stick of RAM and used my old 320GB hard drive. I installed Debian and am using Lighttpd as my webserver. Not the most powerful machine ever, but it is suiting my needs and I don’t get that much traffic anyways. I spent about three days setting it up.


Just checked my grades and it is now official! I have graduated from DigiPen with my bachelors in Computer Science! Or Real-Time Interactive Simulation (RTIS), if you want the useless name for it. I also have just gotten my graphics engine, Gleam, into a state where things are actually appearing on the screen. Here’s a screenshot of my first test! I just have to clean a few things up and fix/implement some things on the OpenGL side and I’ll be off to a very good start.

Motocross is Fun

And hard, and very physically demanding, it’s great. So great that I signed up for a second round of lessons. It’s a very different feeling having the bike being able to slip and slide around. Every time the rear tire lost traction my feet were trying to plant themselves into the ground. It’s a weird feeling to get used to. Anyone who happens in the Bothell area should nab a slot from Eric Waunch’s motocross school.

Happy Birthday to ‘murrica

Or something like that. I don’t have much to say, but I like keeping this “one post a month” thing I’ve got going on. Gleam has been coming along bit by bit. Most of the basic infrastructure is finished. Getting ever so close to actually drawing stuff on the screen. It’s taking me a lot longer to get this far due to making a cross-platform Direct3D 11 and OpenGL 3.x/4 renderer.

Slow Month

Huzzah for posting in one month intervals! It’s been a pretty slow month. I’m slowly working on Gleam and learning lots of cool things about Direct3D 11. I’ve been looking into learning some automotive skills. For those that know me, I’ve caught the “motorcycle bug”, which has gotten me enthusiastic about learning about internal combustion engines and how cars work. Although I am at a large loss at where to start.

Getting Lost in the Haze

There’s this KickStarter link that I saw on Twitter … or Google+, I can’t remember which one. And it came up again on one of my co-worker’s monitors earlier today. This KickStarter got me thinking a little bit. Ignoring the whole “girl power” aspect. I don’t get “girl power” when it is applied to intellectual fields. I don’t see how gender is a hindrance to the use of your brain, but whatever.

The Moral of the Story

For my first content update since the blog came back online, I figured I’d share a personal story that has helped shape my future. DigiPen has what they call Company Days, where guests who work in the video game industry visit our school and give a lecture on any topic they feel is relevant. Sometime around late October or early November of 2011, Chris Taylor came and gave a talk. I was a bit surprised as I walked into the room.

Blog is Back! For Good This Time!

The blog is finally back up, after being in limbo for a long time. I’m going to avoid going into the … odd details, but the blog is no longer self hosted. I figured it’s easier to pay a small fee to have a more reliable service host it for me. Anyhow, I hope to update this with much more interesting things, now that I’m almost out of school and will be having free time!

What Does It Mean To Be An Independent Developer?

There has been a bit of rise in the popularity of indie developers recently. While the indie scene has produced a few nice things, there is this large feeling of a “stick it to ‘the man’” type mentality; the man being large developers/publishers. I definitely don’t agree with this mentality, but some feel more strongly about it than I do. I personally prefer the term independent developers to the shortened “indie” developers.

Winter Break Is Upon Us

It’s that time of year again. Finals are over and Christmas is coming up fast. It’s great having lots of free time again. I’ve been thinking of what to write for the next BFP article. Personally, I want to write about No One Lives Forever: The Operative and No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.’s Way. Both made by my favorite developer, Monolith. I have played through NOLF2 a few years ago and am currently playing through NOLF1.

Story Behind the Screen Name

This post is more out of interest than anything else. I’ve heard some interesting stories about how people get their screen names ranging from naming themselves after their favorite book/game/movie characters to smashing their head against the keyboard and getting a random string of characters. Before I got the screen name I have now, I just used whatever show/game/book/etc. I was currently enjoying at the time. However, during the days of my young impressionable mind, I saw this movie called The Mighty Ducks.