A year back my brother and a small group of friend went out and bought some Star Wars RPG books. We had a few sessions and enjoyed it greatly. Unfortunately real life got in the way and we haven’t played in a while. This is an attempt at reviving our play times and sharing some of what I’ve written with people. Aside from here I also usually post my adventures on the official Star Wars RPG forums.

This is the first adventure I wrote entitle Trouble on Kashyyyk. Taken directly from the summary written in the DOC and PDF files.


A Republic cargo ship has crash landed on Kashyyyk. The party has been sent in to find the crash site and retrieve a container that Republic scientists claim holds a “precious specimen”. The scientists claim that this specimen is important to furthering military research.

This adventure was designed for level 4-6 heroes. The group I played this with were a party of three. As with everything I write, I encourage comments and criticism. If someone actually runs this with their group, I’d like to hear about it and anything they might have changed to improve the experience.

Trouble on Kashyyyk.doc
Trouble on Kashyyyk.pdf
Cargo Ship Layout.png