While this is technically the second update for my game, the first update was really just a GIF dump. This is also pretty much going to be a GIF dump, but with some explanations. I’ve done a lot over the last few months to the game, but have been slacking a bit too much lately. My goal is to have 5 levels by next month so I can start doing some shader programming and look and feel polish.

Doors will stun enemies and the player if they are moving fast enough.
Showing of the adrenaline mechanic. Every time you kill and enemy, your movement and attack speed increase.
Work on first level and patrol paths.
Camera now moves towards where the crosshair is. There is simple pathfinding for the AI. The adrenaline mechanic also affects the camera. The more people you kill, the more extreme the max angle the camera can be. While not apparent in the GIF, enemies will notify other enemies in a room about the player if they spot him.
Long range aim camera.
Work on first ranged weapon, the pistol. For some reason the framerate got super choppy while recording.
Enemies and player will drop their currently equipped weapon if stunned. AI will attempt to pickup the nearest weapon if it doesn't have one.
Made a real crosshair and gave death particles a random lifetime within a specified range.

That’s the work I’ve done over the past few months. I want the second level to explore ranged combat. In future levels I will explore enemies with more than one hit point. Other work on the docket includes shader experimentation, rebindable keys, controller support, and sound effects.

I try to alternate work on Shibboleth and Adrenaline, but I’m bad at posting about it. I will try to be better in the future about planning time to make these posts! Until next time!


I decided to purge some old posts and have merged the original Adrenaline update post with this one, as the original post was not a proper Dev Log. Anyhow, here’s some GIFs.

Snippet from original post: My other, primary focus has been a game project I’m codenaming Adrenaline. I’ve been working on it off and on. I switch off every so often from this to Shibboleth. My core mechanics are similar to Hotline Miami. Fast paced movement with mostly single hit kills. After every kill, the player character moves and attacks a little faster. I’m currently prototyping in the Godot Engine. I aim to have melee combat finished and at least one ranged weapon type in the prototype. I’ve been making GIFs of the game as I progress. Here’s the first few I’ve made.