In wake of stopping work on Adrenaline, I have taken up work on a project I have codenamed Arbalest. It originally started life as an FPS I was building. As I was building an FPS, I decided it would be a wise decision to build up a library of common functionality to help with any future Unity projects. I have yet to branch that framework into it’s own repo, so everything is kind of smashed into Arbalest at the moment. Below is a GIF of when I was working on the FPS version.

A lot of time was spent making the character controller smooth. Especially when traveling up and down ramps. Even though I’m not building an FPS anymore, I think the time was well spent getting it to work. It will definitely come in handy in the future.

Because I’m not making an RTS/Tower Defense style game, I’m now spending time building RTS style controls. While not visible in the GIF below, you can select/deselect units and issue move commands. Also very subtle, but I made an RTS style camera with smoothing. It’s not finished quite yet though. I still need to implement zooming and rotation.

I just recently finished creating a team management system for setting up teams and their affinities. This also meant learning how to use Unity’s inspector APIs to create a custom editor. While it took a little time to learn, I’m happy with the results.

Arbalest is still in its infancy, but I’m already really happy with the progress I’ve made and the code I’m writing is clean. I expect some systems first iterations will be fugly and I’ll have to rewrite a few things, but so far things are progressing smoothly.

Until next time.