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Arbalest Dev Log - 02

This is update is all about the RTS player controller I’ve been developing sprinkled with a couple camera things. So let’s get started. NOTE: My implementation is partially based on this post. Box Select The majority of the work has gone into box select for units. This requires a few steps. Differentiating between clicks and box selection. Rendering the box selection screen space UI. Querying for all units inside the box.

Arbalest Dev Log - 01

In wake of stopping work on Adrenaline, I have taken up work on a project I have codenamed Arbalest. It originally started life as an FPS I was building. As I was building an FPS, I decided it would be a wise decision to build up a library of common functionality to help with any future Unity projects. I have yet to branch that framework into it’s own repo, so everything is kind of smashed into Arbalest at the moment.