There’s not much to say in this update, other than I’m still alive and working on stuff. Albeit, very slowly. I basically stopped working on Arbalest altogether, favoring to work on Shibboleth instead. The main reason behind this is I changed jobs recently, and have been pretty happy with where I was and opted to do what I found most enjoyable. I eventually came to the conclusion that unless I never want to finish a project, I should put some effort to things other than Shibboleth. Shibboleth won’t be ready to make anything anytime soon, as much as I’d like to make something with it.

I had the privilege of going to Disneyland in September last year. I’ve been molassesly slow at writing my “review” of all the things my wife and I got to experience. So look forward to that! It’s going to be quite a long read compared to what I normally write.


I recently picked this back up a few days ago. Currently working on defining a base unit class and making some per-class data. Not much to talk about yet.


I fought with wxWidgets a lot and learned a lot about how to use it. I tried making an Inspector widget with varying degrees of success. I’ve decided to stop making the editor and focus more on the runtime for the time being.

I’ve made an Entity-Component System (ECS) module for the engine. I’ve got all the core functionality written and working. Focusing on making the data structures that will comprise the scenes the engine will load.


Not much to say on this update. Should have more to say about Arbalest as I focus more on it. Until next time!