I will keep this one short, as I’m currently writing some more in-depth updates about the engine. I’ve been working really hard to get some basic rendering and camera controls into the engine in a non-hacky way. The list of things that I have gotten done so far:

  • Basic Graphics Module that can render using ECS.
  • Input binding system.
  • State Machine system that is data driven.
  • Basic camera state machine.
  • State Machine system updating with ECS.

I know it’s not an interesting read, but I wanted to get out there that progress is happening, with a GIF!

I’m currently hard at work integrating Lua so that I can support quick prototyping and iteration! The work so far on getting Lua integrated has been very useful in improving the reflection system to allow for better integration with scripting languages.

After I have finished integrating Lua, I’m looking at potentially supporting Ravi. The interesting thing about Ravi is that it acts as an extention to Lua. So I don’t have to re-write any of the code I’m writing now, but I can also take advantage of the extras it brings. The main reason I’m interested in Ravi is that it has optional static typing and some JIT capabilities.

Why pick Ravi over LuaJIT? The main reason is that LuaJIT is no longer being developed all that much. So it’s more or less stuck at Lua 5.1 with some extensions.

I will be putting in an effort to make some detailed technical posts about the below systems in a near future timeframe.

  • Input Binding System
  • State Machine System
  • ECS System

See you then!